At Hosting Homes we want to make the process of renting your property as easy and hands off as possible. Whether you are renting a property for a few months or all year round we take care of everything for you, take a look at some of the services we include in our package below.

Portfolio Landlords
  • 6 – 12 month rolling management contracts
  • Property consultation service including rental yield estimate
  • Arrangement of any renovation work required
  • Overview and management of any furnishing required
  • Overview and management of any external works required
  • Discounted management rates
  • Tailored solution proposal to fit your needs and properties
Short Term Property Rentals
  • 1 – 3 month rolling flexible contracts 
  • Airbnb management
  • Listing and property advertising on multiple channels
  • Professional photography and virtual tours
  • Direct website advertising
  • Vetting potential guests
  • Arranging guest check in
  • Cleaning management
  • Managing bookings
  • Managing all payments
  • Ongoing maintenance
Maintenance & Cleaning
  • We manage any ongoing cleaning, this also includes the linen service and topping up toiletries
  • We organise any maintenance needed
Long Term Property Rentals
  • Marketing, listing and advertising your property
  • 6 – 12 month rolling contracts
  • Professional photography and virtual tours
  • All Furnishing & Renovation Work Required
  • Property management
  • Direct Website advertising
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • We also offer health checks to assess plumbing and electrics and minimise downtime
Renovation & Furnishing
  • We manage any works needed to get the property online and maximising profit
  • We source all furniture needed
  • We can also organise for any interior design work needed including dressing the property for rental